How Islamic Books by Dr Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri Could Enlighten You

Dear Readers,

The religion is Islam within the sight of Allah (swt). The ordered religion has an “invisible component” related to the coronary heart except “visible aspect” associated with worship. The invisible element of faith associated with coronary heart is referred to as “Faith” and the seen factor related to worship is referred to as “Islam”.

Faith constitutes the bottom of Islam.

A person’s appearing all worships without faith is nugatory.

“If any one rejects religion, fruitless is his paintings HAMKA, and in the Hereafter he may be inside the ranks of those who have lost (all non secular suitable).” [Maída, 5]

If he has religion in his coronary heart however he does no longer perform the worships because of laziness, he could be rewarded Paradise after he is punished as much as defects in his worship. The person with a small faith and worry of Allah (swt) enters Paradise at ultimate. It is ordered within the hadiths that:

“A individual who has a hint of belief in his heart will get away from the hearth.” (Tirmizi)

The individual studies Islam in keeping with his religion.

The character who accepts Islam with its visible components is known as “Muslim”. The decision about someone is fascinated by visible elements. If someone states he believes inside the unique and single Creator and the entirety announced by way of His messengers and reviews his belief by announcing “Lailahe illallah”, he’s decided to be a “Muslim”. The language he speaks does now not count number.

Rasulullah (s.A.W) ordered that:

“Do not call the individuals who say Lailahe illallah unbelievers because of their sins! The ones who name them unbelievers are unbelievers themselves.” [Buhari]

Allah (swt) ordered inside the verses of Qur’an that:

“O ye who consider! When ye cross abroad within the purpose of Allah, inspect carefully, and say not to all and sundry who gives you a salutation: “Thou artwork none of a believer!” (Nisaa, 94)

# The choice of the heart belongs to Allah (swt)

Dear Readers, avoid defining someone who says he’s a Muslim by using stating “I consider in Allah (swt)” a misbeliever.

The selection of the coronary heart belongs to Allah (swt). None of us can choose someone’s religion.

If someone says he believes however he does not believe or his notion has doubts and hesitations, it’s far a problem between the man or woman and Allah (swt). The man or woman is popular as a Muslim except there isn’t always a clean denial register his works and phrases. He is challenge to Islam Law.

The ones who reach salvation are the believers who agree with in Allah and perform right works.