Medical Tourism in Kerala

Kerala owes more than this. Kerala is also a popular medical tourism destination also. One is inquisitive enough to know what is medical tourism. As medical assistance is getting expensive in western countries commoners are finding it difficult to bear medical expenses in their own country. Therefore they visit countries seeking cheaper medical care with quality at par with international standards.

Kerala has emerged as the major center for international medical tourism. With Kerala expecting at least 100,000 medical tourists in the next three years, the therapeutic tourism industry is in the pink of its health. Kerala was already 少女針價錢 famous for its Ayurvedic treatments, which is healing and rejuvenating.

What makes Kerala such a sought after medical tourism destination? Actually Kerala is well connected by air travel to major destinations in the world. Another most apt reason is the weather of Kerala that stays moderate throughout the year. Patients take comparatively lesser time to recuperate from ailments because of this.

Many hospitals equipped with state-of-art medical technology are placed in Kerala. World-class doctors, well-trained and dedicated medical and staff works dedicatedly to provide the best medical care. Language too is not a barrier as Kerala has large population that talks in English. And the most important and determining factor is the cutting of exorbitant costs medical treatment in their home country.