Smelly Drains – Common Causes and What You Can Do About Them

Today, we’ve grown accustomed to the smooth running of sewage systems that we’ve largely lost track of drain repair. In reality drains suffer from a myriad of issues. Each year, hundreds of business and home owners call plumbing companies to repair their drain repair Toronto.

Drains that are damaged or blocked are a source of numerous indicators and their odour is among them. The odor is so strong often that people are forced to choose other than to run the opposite direction and scream in displeasure. Before tackling this issue, it’s best to be aware of the reasons behind it.

Following are Some Common Causes of Smelly Drains:

  1. Household waste: It’s probably the most frequent reason for a smelly and clogged drain.Food waste in the kitchen, and bodily waste in the bathroom can clog up a drain quite quickly. The first clog is able to get trapped in the drainage, the process will continue as more waste will build up within the drain. The clog eventually will begin decreasing in size and produces a foul odor.
  2. Construction Debris: While nearly all drains have debris of some sort However, more serious problems can develop only when a solid material like construction materials is entangled.Little pieces of building material like carpets, rugs wood, etc. could end up being washed away accidentally into the drain. Because of their unusual dimensions and shape the materials are usually in drains for a long time and create a the smell.
  3. Sewage Gas: Every drain has an aquisition of water to stop the flow of gas from the sewer into the home.But, the drains in washrooms that haven’t used for several years could start smelly due to the fact that the water reservoir inside them may have dried up. Therefore, to keep this from happening, just run a small amount of occasionally out of the drains that aren’t often used within the home.
  4. External Issues: While the problems mentioned above are still solvable with the help of a professional, however when drains are clean but still emitting foul odor The issue could be deep within the drain.It’s recommended to seek the help of expert plumbers who are able to spot problems such as the corrosion of pipes, blockages in vents or tree root infiltration.
  5. Plumbing fixtures that are outdated Professional plumbers also state that it’s common upon examining drainage systems that , even though they did not have any obstruction, they still had a strong smell.The reason behind this was the outdated and inefficient fixtures like the S-bend drain, etc. The drainage systems of the past were prone to developing drain issues, and the smell was among them.

Whatever the reason regardless of the cause, the main point is that a sour drains are hard to deal with, and one should get in touch with experts for drain repair immediately. The delay in addressing drainage issues does nothing but causes problems to spiral out of control.